2021 | 16:00 | ENG

One summer, a young woman invites an altogether otherworldly presence into her life whilst working as a caretaker of an old concert hall. 

starring Daiva Zalnerius, Ish Majik, Shane McLean and Becca Willow Moss
directed and edited by Dominique van Olm
written and produced by Bryn Wiebe
cinematography by Julia Hendrickson
sound design by Evan Jerred
original score by Dillon Baldaserro
colourist Conor Fisher, Alter Ego
poster design by Adam Bischoff


2021 Vancouver International Film Festival
2021 Edmonton International Film Festival
2021 Festival Du Nouveau Cinema
2021 Eastern Oregon Film Festival
2021 International Film Festival Ottawa

Generously supported by The Toronto Arts Council

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