2017 | 12:00 | ENG

On the edge of adolescence, Dexter visits the big city, and his sister, for the first time. The two navigate their relationship after having lived apart for the last few years. Together they explore the big city, trying to understand how to relate to one another again.  

starring Dexter Thiessen, Dominique van Olm & Joseph Amenta
directed and edited by Dominique van Olm
produced by Darren Snowden
cinematography by Julia Hendrickson
sound design by Evan Jerred
original score by Dillon Baldaserro
colourist Laura Aqui, Urban Post


2017 Eastern Oregon Film Festival
2018 Montclair Film Festival
2018 Breakthroughs Film Festival 
2018 Aesthetica Film Festival
2019 Vimeo Staff Picks


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