2022 | 10:00 | DUTCH, ENG | SUPER 8MM, DIGITAL

One Home to Another explores a relationship to family and place through the eyes of two different generations.

Snippets of home videos filmed by Jan van Olm in the 1960s arranged in a diptych give way to an artistic view of a present broken by Dominique van Olm’s contemporary shots. These precise and original graphic compositions, filmed in various urban and rural settings in the Netherlands, are enhanced by a figurative, rhythmic approach to editing and an expressive score, sparking a conversation between the past and the present. This forms a poetic reflection on the process of family migration and the intergenerational influence this process creates. One Home to Another deliberately blurs our ability to identify the points of origin and destination in history as everything enters a dreamlike weave of experience.

director | Dominique van Olm
editor | Dominique van Olm
cinematographer | Dominique van Olm
Super8mm footage | Jan van Olm
sound designer | Evan Jerred
original score | Dillon Baldaserro
colourist | Andrew Ross, Alter Ego
graphic design | Adam Bischoff

Generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council


2022 Aesthetica Film Festival
2022 International Documentary Festival Montreal
2023 International Film Festival Rotterdam