Three Seconds

4:00 | HD, 16MM | 2019 | ENG .

An experimental short film that reflects five intersectional perspectives on how makeup impacts identity and self-expression. The film is a collaboration between a group of Toronto based creators and touches on themes of femininity, family, queer identity, performance, cultural influence and art.


Sheldon McIntosh, Mel Eshaghbeigi, Lulu Wei, Madison van Rijn and Viktor Peters

Director: Dominique Van Olm,
Creative Director: Natalie Mathers
Cinematographer: Julia Hendrickson
HMU: Kelly Davidson
Stylist: Lauren Walker
Producer: Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti
Editor: Julie Simmons, Saints
Colourist: Roslyn Di Sisto, Darling Colour & VFX
Sound Design / Score: Annelise Noronha, Grayson Matthews Audio Design
SFX: Emily Switzer, Lauren Rempel


booooooom TV
Mâché Digital

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